“Search Reputation Management – Defending Your Brand with SEO, Social Media & WMD” submitted by Jeremy Dearringer (Slingshot_SEO) Learn to how to use Social Media and blogging from a SEO perspective to defend your brand in the search engine results. How should NIKE defend their brand in search from the Tiger Woods incident? How do


“Blogging + Social Media + SEO = Social Media Infrastructure” submitted by Chad Pollitt (CPollittIU) How do you optimize social media to come up in search with SEO? What social media sites should I use for my business? Won’t social media take up all of my time? These are questions I get every day and


“tastefully selling yourself online.” submitted by Casey Mullins (mooshinindy) A lot can be lost in the written word. How do you sell the real “you” in your online interactions when it comes to business and socializing? “You’re nothing like what I thought you’d be like!” Do you die a little inside when you hear these words after