“tastefully selling yourself online.”

submitted by Casey Mullins (mooshinindy)
A lot can be lost in the written word. How do you sell the real “you” in your online interactions when it comes to business and socializing?

“You’re nothing like what I thought you’d be like!” Do you die a little inside when you hear these words after meeting someone IRL for the first time?

It’s a balancing act to maintain your IRL personality in your online life. How much is too much to share? How transparent is *too* transparent? What is nobody’s business and where do you put pieces of you into your business?

Whether you are a personal blogger or an online business, the truth is you’re selling you. Your online presence can make or break a customer’s first interaction with you. And for the personal blogger, you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd, and you need to be able to stand behind the person you put out there.

This session will help you make sure that the you you’re selling is good enough and interesting enough so your readers and customers will keep coming back for more of what only you have to offer.

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